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  • Templates

    Create your own templates or use the default templates below. You can add templates by clicking while editing.

    As a registered user you can create custom layout templates to standardize the way you and other users create documentation. For instance, you can create templates for:

    1. Project status reports
    2. New user instructions
    3. Development specifications
    4. Knowledge base resources
    5. Social media newsrooms

    Register now to start creating your own templates.

    register now

    Two Column {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new page with a two column layout", template:"mt_template_two_column", title:"New two column page created by ", button:false}}}
    Three Column {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new page with a three column layout", template:"mt_template_three_column", title:"New three column page created by ", button:false}}}
    Right Highlight {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new page with a vertical right highlight bar", template:"mt_template_right_highlight", title:"New right highlight page created by ", button:false}}}

    {{wiki.create{label:"create a template", title:"New template created by ", path:"Template:", button:false}}}

  • Creating Pages

    Creating new content makes your documentation richer and more valuable. Use the New Page link to add a page or use the Edit Page link to make changes to an existing page.

    {{wiki.create{label:"create a new page", title:"New page created by ", button:false}}}

    Moving Pages

    Keeping your documentation in order has never been easier with MindTouch. Restructure your cont ent hiearchy to achieve optimal organization.

    1. Go to the page you wish to move
    2. Click Tools > Move Page
    3. Use the Navigate box to find a new location
  • My User Space

    As a new user feel free to develop your user space which is located at:


    my user space

    As a MindTouch user you will be able to develop your own user space which can be public or private.

    register now

    Privacy and Permissions

    Need to keep something to yourself? Privacy with Mind Touch is easy and secure.

    1. Go to the page you wish to protect
    2. Click Tools > Restrict Access
    3. Select the appropriate restriction level

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