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  • Knowledge Base Templates

    Create your own templates or use the default templates below. You can add templates by clicking while editing.

    Left Highlight {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new page with a left highlight layout", template:"mt_template_left_highlight", title:"New left highlight page created by ", button:false}}}
    Documentation with files {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new page with a documentation and files layout", template:"mt_template_documentation_files", title:"New documentation and files page created by ", button:false}}}
    Frequently Asked Quesions {{wiki.create{label:"Create a new frequently asked questions layout", template:"mt_template_faq", title:"New frequently asked questions page created by ", button:false}}}

    {{wiki.create{label:"create a template", title:"New template created by ", path:"Template:", button:false}}}

  • Document Management

    Keep your knowledge base organized with the MindTouch Desktop Connector. Manage, organize and modify your knowledge base from the comfort of a desktop application.

    Properly Identifying Content

    MindTouch provides a number of tools to make organizing and searching your content quick and effective.

    1. Tags: Tag your MindTouch pages to show relevant keywords and related pages.
    2. Attachments: Attachments are indexed and searched for contextual relevance.
    3. Comments: Add community generated content to your site to increase a pages relevancy.
  • User / Role Management

    User management with MindTouch is easy, extensive and versatile. Create new users, roles and groups in the control panel.

    user manager

    Permissions and Privacy

    MindTouch allows you to limit content to particular users, roles and group. You can apply limitations to individual pages or entire hierarchies.

    1. Go to the page you wish to protect
    2. Click More > Restrict Access
    3. Select the appropriate restriction level

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