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The command is used to run tests with a certain set of parameters. The command lets users choose the following: environment to run the tests, site role to run the tests as, which tests to run, the browser to run the test in, and weather or not to print the results to a file. to use this command you must put 'python' before it in the terminal. Additionally, users can also specify a SauceLabs user and run tests via Sauce. The list of current arguments and accepted input as as follows:


-h, --help 

            This argument will show the help message for  


-s, --site 

This argument specifies the environment to run tests in. Accepted inputs are: iowa_stg, iowa_prod, iowa_dev, iowa_preview, mn_stg, mn_prod, mn_dev, serve_stg, serve_prod, serve_dev 


-r, --role 

This argument specifies the role to run tests as. ‘all’ will run tests for all roles. Accepted inputs are: [IOWA: admin, aeauser, externalcoach, fasttrainer, internalcoach, principal, siteuser, stateuser, teacher]; [MN: contentmanager, teacher, principal, siteuser, universalscreener]; [SERVE: admin, coordinator, internal, coach, mastercoach, member, principal]  


-t, --tests 

This argument specifies the tests to run. ‘all’ will run all tests. To run a set of tests separate test names by a comma. Accepted inputs are: setup, test_routing (IOWA only), test_assessments (IOWA only), test_monitors (MN only), test_benchmarks, test_homepage, test_interventions, test_misc, test_pm, test_students, test_groupstudents, test_security, test_admin 


-b, --browser 

This argument specifies the browser to run tests in. Accepted inputs are: chrome, firefox, safari, ie11, iphone, ipad, sauce_chrome, sauce_firefox, sauce_ie11, sauce_iphone, sauce_ipad, phantomjs 


-p, --publish 

Optional true or false argument that prints results to a junitxml file. The default for this argument is false. 


-su, --sauceuser 

            SauceLabs username. 


-sp, --saucepass 

            SauceLabs password. 

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